The bags that we offer with paper twisted handle are machine-made, with high quality and durability paper.

Bags from paper brown smooth and lined are made from 100% recycled paper, while white kraft paper bags are bleached with chlorine.

We produce bags from paper in weight 90-100gsm.

For higher grammage for coated bags or bags which have FSC certificate please ask

In our stock we have six different colors in sizes: 18x8x22,5cm 24x10x32cm 30,5x17x34cm 30,5x17x42,5cm,with brown handle and sizes 18x8x22cm 24x10x34cm 35x15x40cm with top reinforcement with white handle. On bags we can do screen printing.

On paper bags we can do printing:

  • screen printing on ready bag with simple graphics where the surface of the print is not more than 40% 

            Print up to four colors from 50 bags , print one or double side

            We archive matrices so that for reorders above 500bags we do not include price for preparing them again.

            In offer we have following sizes: 18x8x22,5cm 16x8x39cm 24x10x32cm 24x10x36cm 30,5x17x34cm

            30,5x17x42,5cm 34x20x33cm 36x33x32cm 40x18x39cm 33x12x50cm 35x18x44cm 45x17x48cm 50x18x39cm


  • flexo printing , rotary printing process before folding the bag, which we make from amount above 5000pc.

        We offer maximum 6 colours of flexo printing including cmyk and Apla( print above 40% print area) 

        Before production on customer’s request we can do proof or bag prototype

        We archive photopolymer matrices for reorders.

        In offer we have following sizes**: 18x8x21cm 25x11x32cm 32x12x40cm 32x17x39cm 

        45x16x48cm 54x14x44cm 25x15x33cm 34x20x35cm

**Ability to do non-standard sizes from 20 000pc.