Do you plan to buy company bags with your print in 2024? Don’t wait until the last minute, do it in the summer!!!

Until August 15, due to the fact that the prices of materials and energy have not yet increased (photovoltaics saves us from increases), we provide

the following discounts:

– for digitally printed paper bags up to 250 pieces. – 15% discount, up to 500 pcs. 10% discount

– for paper bags with offset printing with a threaded string handle – 10% discount for quantities up to 1,000 pieces, above 5% discount

– for warehouse paper bags made of sheets in stock – there is still a discount of up to 15% while stocks last – below

available quantities

when it comes to bags that we will make from newly printed sheets, the discount will be 10% until August 15

– for paper bags with handles made of twisted paper string and flat paper string – 5% discount

– for A5 paper banners – 10% discount

Until August 15, we have delivery deadlines of 21-25 days (for quantities up to 5,000 pieces). During the season, the deadlines may be extended to 30-40 days, and in previous years we had to refuse due to too many orders. We also do not know about how much prices will increase and what the scale of increases will be in the second half of the year.

Special promotions due to the end of the sale:

1. Polish flags – 0,10 euro when ordering from 500 pieces.
2..Paper bags without print from materials currently available in stock:


  Color and lamination
size Quantity available Sale Price
  Prices in 2024’s
1 Black matt
12x8x39 400 0,51   0,59
2 Navy Blue gloss
12x8x39 300 0,50   0,58
3 Red gloss
12x8x39 500 0,51   0,58
4 White gloss
12x8x39 1400 0,43   0,52
5 White matt
16x7x22 400 0,35   0,41
6 Silver matt
16x7x22 120 0,40   0,47
7 Kraft Beige
24x9x35 250 0,40   0,45
8 White gloss
24x9x35 700 0,52   0,58
9 White matt
24x9x35 250 0,53   0,59
10 Black gloss
24x9x35 700 0,56   0,66
11 Black Board
24x9x35 200 0,71   0,94
12 Navy blue gloss
24x9x35 500 0,56   0,66
13 Silver matt
24x9x35 200 0,58   0,67
14 Burgundy gloss 24x9x35 500 0,56   0,66
15 White gloss
30x10x40 350 0,68   0,78
16 White gloss
32x13x42 500 0,53   0,88
17 White gloss
35x9x24 500 0,53   0,60
18 Black gloss
35x9x24 120 0,56   0,68
19 White matt
40x10x30 150 0,71   0,82

The bags can be screen printed or individually printed on a self-adhesive sticker.
stick it on. Other additional decorations that we can make on these bags include hot stamping and embossing.

For screen printing, we can make bags with holes without strings (we can provide the string cut to size separately).
individual link)

The price of a bag with holes without a string is 0,02euro net lower.

Bags from the promotional offer are made within 10 days.
The number of bags in the promotion is limited to the quantities specified in the offer. In the case of a one-time order, e.g. 300
bags 40x10x30cm. where we have sheets for 150 bags, we can increase the quantity to 300 bags at a promotional price (max
by 100%).The deadline may then be extended to 14 days.
The promotion is valid while stocks of sheets currently in stock last.

3. We assemble paper bags from sheets printed in other printing houses at the following prices (the prices are certainly valid until August 15):

– for A5 bags – 0,32 euro

– for bottle bags 12x8x39 and similar in A2 format – 0,32 euro

– for vertical A4 bags, e.g. 24x9x35 – 0,35 euro

– for A4 horizontal bags made of 2 parts, e.g. 35x9x24 – 0,37euro

In addition to assembly, the price includes string, reinforcing cardboard, strings and sheet creasing. If creasing sheets are delivered,

then it will be deducted from the price – 8 cents.

4. We recommend low-volume prints from our digital printing house:

Low-volume digital prints – prices with paper      
    100 500 1000
A3 format printing – single-sided 0,25
0,15 0,12
A3 format printing – double-sided   0,32 0,22 0,19
A4 format printing – single-sided   0,18 0,10 0,08
A4 format printing – double-sided   0,21 0,13 0,12

We also recommend it at an attractive price
– bags with a handle made of twisted paper string
– bags with a handle made of flat paper string
– cotton and non-woven textile bags
Any print on all bags, starting from 50 pieces.

Don’t wait for the expected prices and queues to make bags and other products – order what you need in October and November in the summer!!!

If you need anything, please contact us at the following addresses: