Your paper bags can be cheaper by up to 50% and made faster than standard – see details of new promotions
In 2023, most companies and institutions have a smaller budget for advertising and thus have to reduce spending, among others on advertising. by ordering advertising materials in smaller quantities than in previous years. Therefore, we decided to offer bags at prices up to 50% lower than bags
printed by offset and screen printing.

What bags can we offer at these prices?

1. Digital printed bags

We can make bags with digital print in CMYK colors up to 50% of the print up to A4 size – if the bag has a larger surface print, tests of technological possibilities are necessary, approx. PLN 50.00 – 22x8x35cm vertical and 30x10x22cm horizontal. and mats as well as non-laminated white and beige kraft paper bags.
We make these bags in quantities from 50 to 500 pcs. – then the prices are lower, in exceptional cases up to 1000 pcs. (tiny bags).

Advantages of digitally printed bags

– bags with numbers are made of the following papers – chalk 170-200g, offset 150-170g, beige kraft 120-160g – ask about the possibility of making bags from other papers
– the possibility of making patterns of ready-made bags before the start of implementation at the price of EUR 8.89 for 3 pcs.
– the possibility of any print in CMYK colors up to 50% of the surface – in the case of a larger print area, we have to make patterns at the price of EUR 8.89 for 3 pcs. before starting production
– bags of any size up to the formats listed below
– the possibility of various types of handles on the bags – threaded with a handle made of cotton string, twisted paper, flat paper, and in the case of 500 pcs. may be a market
– fast delivery times – bags with digital printing are made in half the time than bags made with traditional offset printing
– the possibility of making bags with digital printing in express mode – 3-5 days in exceptional cases

In addition, digital printing is greener than offset printing.

NOTE: As part of the spring promotion, we offer a special 5% discount on orders for digitally printed bags until June 30, 2023

Below is a table with a comparison of the prices of bags in the most common sizes of bags with offset and digital printing, laminated with matte foil made of 170g chalk paper. The full price list of digitally printed bags is provided in the attachment:

Size of Bag Imprint Quantity
    50 100 250 500 1000
  1 color up to 50% cover 2,94 1,58 0,97 0,67 0,5
  Cmyk 3,92 2,05 1,15 0,73 0,55
  digital 1,46 0,98 0,76 0,62 0,48
  1 color up to  50% cover 3,13 1,66 0,99 0,7 0,53
  Cmyk 4,11 2,15 1,17 0,76 0,58
  digital 1,46 0,98 0,76 0,62 0,48
  1 color up to 50% cover 3,15 1,67 1 0,69  
  Cmyk 4,11 2,15 1,23 0,76  
  digital 1,48 1,08 0,85 0,68  
  1 color up to  50% cover 3,37 1,88 1,08 0,77  
  Cmyk 4,36 2,37 1,25 0,86  
  digital 1,54 1,02 0,78 0,55  
  1 color up to 50% cover 3,37 1,88 1,08 0,77  
  Cmyk 4,36 2,37 1,25 0,86  
  digital 1,6 1,14 0,89 0,71  
  1 color up to  50% cover 3,41 2,04 1,13 0,84  
  Cmyk 4,39 2,53 1,26 0,87  
  digital 1,79 1,27 1 0,8  
  1 color up to  50% cover 3,44 2,08 1,18 0,86  
  Cmyk 4,42 2,57 1,3 0,92  
  digital 1,79 1,27 1 0,8  
Prices in EURO  

– Advertising agencies have a 10% discount on the quoted prices

You can download the price list of digitally printed bags :pricelist

2. Bags without print in white, silver, black, navy blue, red and burgundy for screen printing.

We offer unprinted laminated bags that can be screen-printed. These bags are available in white, navy blue, black, silver, burgundy and red, laminated with glossy or matte foil.

Advantages of ordering bags without printing:

– faster delivery times than printed bags – we have ready-printed sheets in stock and only the assembly deadline remains
– lower price on color bags + screen printing made on our own than the price of apla bags + color for offset printing in small quantities
– we recommend ordering screen printing bags with an untied string for easier printing
– it is possible to stick a sticker made of self-adhesive paper with a digital print on the bags – we can make such a print

In link is the price list of plain bags in standard sizes : pricelist .

If you need a bag in a different size and standard colors, please ask

We also have a spring promotion for other bags from our offer – see the benefits of ordering with us in the spring:

You can download the price list of bags for screen printing from our website

1. For bags with individual printing with offset printing, we offer:

– for bags with offset printing in quantities up to 500 pcs. and 50% prepayment – 5% discount on the value of the order
– if you agree to make a surplus of bags up to 10% – an additional 5% discount on the entire order
– for companies and institutions that order paper flags and other products from a digital printing house – a discount of 10% on the value of orders from a digital printing house.
– our assortment offer can be found at

More information can be obtained by submitting inquiries to the following addresses:

We invite you to take advantage of the spring promotion and save on costs.


Janusz Torchala

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Sfera company has launched in 1994 year as advertising agency dealing in printing, advertising gadgets and event services.

In 1997 in Puławy we opened manufacture, which initially produced various promotional gadgets fo the needs of agency services.

Since 1998 we have started produce paper bags – mainly made by paper, but also material and foils bags.

In 2003 paper bags with cotton and paper handle has become our main product, however in factory we still produce paper flags, packaging and other promotional gadgets made of paper.


In 2016 in Puławy we launched digital printing house, which produces our new product – paper bags with digital print in the amount from 50pcs.

Our intensive promotional activities across Europe has led to the fact that in 2017 we accepted and made over 2.5 million paper bags for customers all over Europe.

To improve and fasten quality of services in 2018 we launched Online Shop, which accept ourchase orders for paper bags with print – you can do it quickly without having to wait for the calculation from traders. We invite you to visit the Online Shop tab.

The development of printing services and other promotional services in company Sfera caused that in 2017 a new company has launched called Sfera Sp. z o. o. Which took production  – more about bags in the tab Advertising Bags.

In 2018, we undertook wide-ranging activities to protect the environment by promoting ecological products, replacing plastic elements in gadgets for more ecological and reducing waste from our production by offering high discounts for taking bags surplus.

In 2020, we intend to futher increase the ecological products in our business in 100% recycle with certificate FSC

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Janusz Torchała