In today’s world it is difficult not to notice the need to care for the common good which is the natural environment.

So to reduce amount of waste produced by our ourselves, it is worth starting with everyday habits and use for grocery shopping ecological material bag, not a foil.

Per year we use about 300 foil bags , we use them once, while the removal from environment takes 400years.That is why we propose you to start using reusable bags, which you should always have while you shopping.

In our offer you will find polypropylene bags, and highly recommend by us material bags.

Cotton bags are made of raw cotton produced in Łódż, which has OEKO-TEX and TUV-Rheinland quality certificate.

The exceptions are cotton bags imported from India, although they also have OEKO-TEX certicicate, in offer color is natural.

Offer by us bags are characterized:

  • they have an internal overlock sewing and a double X-stick foldover when attaching handles
  • one-sided double handles in two lenghts: short 35cm and long 70cm
  • all bags have got one size – 380x420cm
  • Material:100% raw cotton
  • grammage: 135g/m2 ,150g/m2 , 220g/m2 , 280g/m2
  • bags can be washed at 30 degree
  • the lifting capacity of the bag varies from 8-12kg
  • available colors: natural, white, black, red, navy blue, dark green, light green, yellow

Polypropylene bags:

  • material:100% non woven polypropylene
  • sizes:360x420mm and 300x150x350mm
  • grammage 100g/m2
  • handles lenght :short 38cm and long 70cm
  • available colors: white, black, red, light blue, green

 On paper bags we can do printing:

  • screen printing on ready bag with simple graphics where the surface of the print is not more than 25x25cm

           Print up to four colors from 50 bags , print one or double sided 

           Please note that for non woven bags we can do maximum three colors on light bag and two colors on dark bag

           We archive matrices so that for reorders above 500bags we do not include price for preparing them again.

          On colored material need to valuate additional white undercoat color and additional matrices.


  • digital printing DTG on ready bag where the graphic can be prepared in CMYK – in full color

            This kind of printing we are able to do from 1 to 1500bags.

            The price of the print depends on print format , in offer we have: A5 (15x20cm) A4 (20×30 cm) A4+ (27×39 cm).

            It is important that with this type of printing we do not need prepare matrices.