Our company was founded in 1994 as an advertising agency dedicated to printing, advertising gadgets and event support.
In 1997, was established a production plant in Pulawy, which initially involved the production of advertising gadgets for the needs of the agency.
Since 1998, we have been producing bags – mostly paper but also cotton and plastic.

In 2002, paper bags have become our primary product.
Since 2003, we have set up distribution in Lithuania where the sales value is between 70 000 -100 000 EUR. Since 2005, we have established a permanent receiver in the Czech Republic. Since 2007, we gained one in France, since 2010 – in Germany and since 2012 – in Slovakia. Our exports account for 40% of our turnover.
In 2012, we produced more than 1 200 000 bags, including 95% for the purposes of advertising companies.
Annually, we serve more than 250 customers, of which 90% are advertising agencies.