Our manufacturing facility in Puławy was established in 1997. Initially, we produced a number of articles for the needs of our advertising agency. Since 1998 we have been producing paper bags, which currently are our main product.  We are capable of manufacturing 130 000 bags per month, and together with a second facility near Warsaw, 200 000. In addition, we can make 30 – 40 000 bags, and 10 000 pieces for one customer.

Apart from making bags printed in our facility, we can also make bags printed in other printing works. Such orders are executed at the rate of 5 – 10 000 bags per week. When the ordered quantity is 1 000 pieces, the order is executed within 3 – 4 days, 2 days for individual customers – by prior agreement.

When the bags are assembled using customer’s materials, our design studio has to be consulted in order to adjust the design to our technology.

Our factory is equipped with the following machines: the guillotine, high speed laminating machine capable of laminating small quantities, screen printing machine, punching machine, pressure welding machine, automatic die cutting and cardboard bending machine.

The facility employs 70 persons on a permanent basis as well as working at home.

We have two vans, which, if needed, can be used to deliver the bags to customers.

We have a production control system in the facility – the sheets that come from printing works are checked for compliance with the design and correct colours.  The final products are controlled for quality of their manufacture and quantity.

We ship our products by courier service or deliver them by our own transport by prior agreement.

For more information on transport of the bags see TRANSPORT OF THE BAGS tab.

Other products and services, that we can manufacture and offer in our facility:

– Paper flags
– Paper flaglets on a cord
– Banquet mini banners
– Cardboard eyeshields
– Mini mascot wuppies
– Decorative handmade envelopes
– Gluing of conference folders

– Packaging and customizing advertising gadgets
– Manual assembly of decorative packaging
– Laminating services
– Cardboard bending services
– Other bookbinding services

We have plans to move the facility to new premises, which will allow us to increase our production capacity.

For the pricing inquiries other than paper bags and flags please inquire via e-mail: janusz@sferapolska.pl.

For the prices of paper bags assembly please inquire via e-mail: sferapolska@sferapolska.pljustyna@sferapolska.pl or marketing@sferapolska.pl.

To contact Sfera production facility send your e-mail to: pulawy@sferapolska.pl

Sfera Oddział Produkcyjny Puławy
ul. Piłsudskiego 20
24-100 Puławy
tel. 818885357.